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Why Do We Spend More Than We Should?

In the past, the healthcare system was a free market. People could buy their health insurance or not and be treated regardless of their ability to pay. Things changed over the years, leading to the Affordable Care Act changing this by mandating that all Americans have health insurance. Otherwise, people who couldn't afford it were forced to buy it or go without it.

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In a free market, the price of healthcare is set by supply and demand. If more people demand healthcare, the price will increase because there is more demand. This creates an incentive for people to spend less on healthcare to afford food, housing, or leisure activities.

I can not stress enough that all of these high-dollar deductible plans. Let me repeat; they do not best serve the consumer. Do not best serve the consumer.

Slowly, they are raising the cost to the employer or purchaser of the plan.
They are allowing less and less, with so many rules built-in, allowing less coverage for more. Then there are the out-of-pocket costs to the consumer. 

So like well-trained lab monkeys, the consumer repeatedly hands over their insurance card. Costing themselves, often well over what they need to pay. The safety net they use is the HSA card, which usually comes with the High Deductible plan.

I can not stress enough how we continue to overpay for our healthcare. We can save upwards of thousands of dollars for a bit of planning, not of the insurance money but on our own.

People Cut Coupons All of The Time. Or Price Shop.

People do it all of the time. We call on price-out parts for our vehicles to look for that good deal. We used to take the Sunday newspaper to check out the ads. We now have apps to save money on Dining out and discounts on shopping. We have Gas Buddy that will tell you where the cheapest gas is. 

But what if I told you that the doctor you go to only has privileges at the most expensive hospital in town, and it could cost you more than you bargained for using your insurance. 

Now I am not saying you should settle for less care. If you vest your Time and like a particular doctor, I am saying that. Only to find out that his partner, who is just as capable, has privileges at a much more cost-effective facility.

Coupon Saving
Healthcare Pon

It Is Not All Your Fault

I can not blame the consumer entirely. Like I said earlier. Over Time have been programmed to learn that this is how we do healthcare. 

Do we need to address the various issues surrounding healthcare? Low income, cost, catastrophic illness, and injuries. As well as unemployment and eldercare.

Back to government and its overreach trying to "SOLVE the problems, using our healthcare as a pon. 

What Should You Do?

Let the government get out of your way. Become a free thinker when it comes to your healthcare expenses. At the same time, we don't always have control over emergencies and events out of our control. But when we do, let's be the coupon shopper and expand your healthcare dollars.

That is why we do what we do. We help people save money on their healthcare. Wouldn't you rather have that money to use on other things in your life? Consider taking the time to see where you can save money. There are many great options out there.

Listen to this. Suppose you listen to nothing more than what I say. Do not count on your health insurance to take the best care of you. They put themselves first. Not you.

TIme is Money
Healthcare Staff

But I Don't Have Time.

Well, the old saying, time is money. It holds here. It is taking the time to map out your healthcare costs, knowing where your providers can go to treat you. All are critical factors in your healthcare spending.

Those key factors and a few more will save money in the end. If you don't have time, either make time or have someone help you. That's where we can help. By reviewing your healthcare plan and providers, we can advise you on the best options. Suppose we are planning tests and procedures. Let us make sure you are not paying more than you should. And in the event an urgent or emergent situation lands you in incurring costs without your control, we can ensure you pay no more than you should. 

I will continue to rally for patient/consumer education that saves you money. Not protect your insurance provider's money. You work hard for your money. Keep it when you can. Remember, Think Healthcare Solutions is here for you. Please do not wait for an emergency. Let us go to work for you NOW.

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