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The Consumer Patient!

The Consumer Patient! You may be able to guess my age. But as a Nurse that has worked for many years, it will make sense in the end. However, I am nowhere near ready to retire!

For years I have been working on the financial side of Healthcare, watching the transformation. Watching rules and regulations stack on top of each other. I have witnessed the government payer sector grow and grow. They use the terms #FRAUD and #Healthcare for All. Without a solid basis to either. Yes, fraud happens, and Healthcare for everyone is essential. 

Years of reviewing Medical Bills and medical documentation, I have formed a few conclusions. With years of research, I

have established a few outcomes. I am developing some compelling arguments as to how we can restore Healthcare. Unfortunately, no one at the government level will listen. Oh, they sound interested while talking with them. But when it comes to REAL discussions and bringing #CHANGE to the table. 

They run the other way. Our elected officials, at least the six Congressmen and Senators we reached out to. They said things like, "I didn't know that, or wow, that is interesting, and that's some great ideas." 

Never to be heard from again. I have emailed the White House almost Monthly, finally got a response. However, whoever is responding to the White House correspondence, really wasn't listening. 

Giving more lip service and tried to explain to me what I didn't already know. Perhaps we can dive into the response at another time. 

There was one great Senator, which I did reach out to last month or so. He is not my representative. Knowing that he does care, I emailed him. He gave the best response, and I was very grateful. 

The elected officials represent us, but in many cases, are in the arms of the Insurance Industry, Pharmaceutical, and even the large Hospital Corporations. Their needs appear to be far more critical than even the phase, #Healthcare for All! 

With the current dynamics, Healthcare will continue to be a thorn in the publics' side, regardless. I have said that these elected officials should have to wade through Healthcare as we do. Remember, once they are elected and serve their terms in the House or Senate. Healthcare and the governmental Healthcare plan goes with them. That plan is nothing like ObamaCare or Medicare. My last understanding is that it is a Cadillac of Insurance Plans.

Over the last several years with Obamacare, the push has been for Universal Healthcare. Keep in mind that my intent is not political. However, while being told, countries like the UK, Sweden, and Canada are doing great with Universal Healthcare. But they don't explain why those countries are gaining a presence of private Healthcare. 

The demand is increasing to help fill the requirements and the long waits given of the public option. Another somewhat false narrative that is slightly miss guided. HEALTHCARE FOR ALL is needed. We already have rules in place for people who present to the Emergency Room. They can't be turned away. Trust me, for years, the Emergency Room has been used for more than Emergencies. There are programs available and actively used. Granted, some fall thru the cracks. But, with Medicaid like programs, Chips, and others.

As Healthcare stands, Medicaid and #Medicare reimbursement are significantly reduced. That makes it hard for patients to see their providers. The Healthcare System professes continuity of care on the one hand, but in reality, it is moving farther and farther away from that standard of care. Many would say that Universal Healthcare, the public option, would solve our problems. I mean, as it stands now with all of the layers. The Universal Healthcare option will only redistribute the issues. That will be the dividing factor of what would happen. A provider may see you. However, tests and procedures would most certainly be delayed. The COVID issue is an example of what would happen during the reign of #Obamacare. So many insurances opted out, making very few choices. The options that were left failed to cover things like the American Network of Cancer Hospitals. By 2015, many states and cities had no options available. One of the most irresponsible things I have witnessed. All for the sake of insurance for all. 

We are going back to the discussion of reform. There are so many things wrong with #Healthcare as we know it. We can touch base on the problems with HSA's and FSA's. When they first came out, they gave families more options to use those $$'s. The rules have evolved, and so much control placed on these accounts. It is to the point that it is hard to know how you can use it. I have also seen more than one account of people handing their HSA card to the Pharmacy, only to determine that the funds have been used up halfway through the year because no one checked on the drug's price. Overspending and miss using those funds. The other issues are that you lose some of the money, and it was yours in the first place. Many people have written on the subject, and all of us have the exact parallel and twist. Doctors have their take, and we, clinical and financial, have ours. I continue to research and compare or notes. There are many great approaches to the problem. To fix Healthcare, I propose a committee formed to repair indeed and reform the Healthcare system. 

Let's get the dialogue started.

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Nurse for many 25+ years, Experienced Medical Bill Auditor, Life Coach. Extensive knowledge and experience with saving money on Healthcare!

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