The Right Time?

Jennifer Trent // October 12 // 0 Comments

With the conditions of the world today, who could blame anyone. For delaying or deciding not to have children. It’s crazy out there! But you and your partner have decided to wade in and begin a new generation. So now what?

If you are not pregnant yet, begin by getting a physical exam from your family medical provider or gynecologist. This preconception exam can be a discussion with your provider about what you may need to do to be healthier and can include the following:
· Getting blood pressure or blood sugar, or other medical conditions under control
· Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight
· Quitting smoking, alcohol, and illicit use. Counseling or therapy may be indicated.
· Do you have a stressful job or live in an abusive or stressful relationship. Counseling or treatment may be helpful for you and your partner.
· What medications do you take? Can you take them throughout your pregnancy? Your provider can help you weigh the benefits or drawbacks of continuing medications and suggest alternative medications.
· Update your vaccinations, Tdap for tetanus and pertussis, Seasonal Flu vaccine are examples, discuss other vaccines with your provider to see what you may need.
· Talk with family about family medical history that may impact pregnancy.
Congratulations! Having a baby is a big decision; being prepared is essential. Educate yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You got this!

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