There Is Nothing Wrong With a Second Opinion!

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It is two in the afternoon, of a very long day that started twenty-four hours ago. It started several weeks ago. Without too much detail, what began as leg and foot pain.

During my Husband’s yearly check-up, he mentions the problem and sensations in his leg. That he wise advised walking our steep driveway like a switchback, and it will be fine without so much as looking at the leg or touching it.

That was the advice. Now my Husband is reasonably tough. He may whine if he doesn’t get meat with his dinner. But, in general, he puts up with pain quite well.

This pain was different. Due to his primary provider’s lack of evaluation, he scheduled an appointment with a Sports Medicine. He did look and decided it was a Vascular problem. (Veins and Arteries) So he sent him to a Vascular Surgeon.

This is where it gets tricky. My husband came back from that appointment with the game plan being an 8-hour long surgery, using up the vessels that he does have.
Plus, an incision most of the length of his leg. Now I was not there, and I knew that what was wrong stemmed from a thirty-five-year-old motorcycle injury.

I know that they had already used veins from the other leg and that the problem has its challenges. I think he was holding out for other alternatives—all of the medical advances that I have witnessed in my life as a Nurse.

I wasn’t happy with that choice either. So I researched and made a call. We got that second opinion. I had worked with and witnessed this surgeon’s skills years ago and knew he did interventional, minimally invasive procedures. So if there were a chance, he would be it.

Meanwhile, the first surgeon called to see when we could proceed with the surgery. And the second surgeon was out of town. We went to the appointment yesterday and had a whole different approach.

Now, I will tell that the more open type procedure possibilities still came to the table. However, the reasoning and came plan made much more sense.

While my Husband’s anxiety level even rose by the end of the discussion. He felt more assured in the options. So, this morning bright and early, to the hospital we go. This morning has gone well, and now we wait.

The surgeon was more optimistic after this morning, and the surgery may end up even less invasive. Again, this first step may not work, but at least we have the option to see.

If he does have to repair with a more open technique, it will still be less invasive than the original choice. What makes this approach better. It is simply this. He wants to preserve as many of the vessels as he can.

I appreciate the effort and am grateful for his actions. My Husband is still young and very active.
So the moral of this story, Do not be afraid to seek another opinion. I am not saying it is necessary all of the time. Or the view is any different than the first.

Just know that it is your right. There are times that the second opinion may be helpful.

Once I checked on my Husband, I came home. The house was quiet, and I was alone. My mind flooded with all of the what-ifs and what could have been.

I have a support system of professionals and people to talk help. That knows all of the languages.

My question is, do you? Have the support to wade through and find answers and solutions.

This chain of events made me think of our clients and potential clients to assist in charting muddy waters like this.

Consider what we can do at Think Healthcare Solutions to support you and your family. Remember, we are here for you.

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