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We are trying to get people to understand what we do at #Think Healthcare Solutions. So I thought that I would explain it this way. Hospital CEOs and CFO’s want the numbers. That doesn’t need long explanations—just the bottom line. If there are any issues, they want an action plan. That’s it. 

So, let us approach this in the same way. Fact, roughly 80-85% of all #Medical bills review show billing errors. My team, over the last 25+ years, would say it is a bit higher. But I will give them that slight variance.

Because many small dollar amounts don’t warrant a rebill on any particular bill. And are not included in the target numbers.

We also see a trend on your smaller bills, of a significant amount of errors. And I am not talking about minor dollar errors. I am now pointing out errors that even Medicare patients are facing, as well. I just worked with an account that is a year old this month: this May, that payment was reversed.

Then, they sent a bill to the patient. The patient doesn’t owe anything. So my question to you is How many of you, 

  1. Would you pay for it?
  2. Would you ignore it?
  3. Call and complain about it?

In the 1st answer, you would be shocked at the number of people that pay it. Usually, the older baby boomers are just writing the check.

The 2nd answer, many people who take this route, may be out of frustration. That fact probably helps drive the Equifax claim that people report errors upwards of $1300.00. I suppose folks struggle dealing with providers in billing issues. I have witnessed how patient disputes are handled. (We will save that for another day.)

The 3rd answer, People, do call. But only a few. Unfortunately, they often don’t answer, Which leads to just paying or moving to the second option. Ignore.

As to why the errors? Well, most are technical errors or staff keying errors. Many to most mistakes are honest, like billing for a CT scan with Contrast instead of without. We do see often; charges billed without an order. And then, there is coding.

In defense of the provider, there is a constant changing of the rules. Make doing business with #Medicare/ Medicaid and insurance companies a continuous battle. Changes in things like pharmacy vendors and setting up charges. Make the technology side an open door for billing charges. 

Our philosophy is simple; every bill should be correct. I didn't discuss what we are seeing. #Insurances are paying charges that are often clearly wrong. So, what is the solution? Do what the CEOs and CFO's do. 

Hire someone to protect your bottom line. That's where we come in—a very inexpensive option. And we protect and support you in many ways. For those facing COVID-19 and unemployment and the virus, we have exclusive news for you. 

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