Healthcare Fact or Fiction

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"Healthcare Fact or Fiction?"

How To Improve Our Healthcare?

Healthcare fact or fiction?

On the road to launching our new services, we have had endless conversations, talking about all things Healthcare. Be it Nursing issues, Insurance, or Provider. Making observations over the years and safely say," We have seen it All, Heard it all." We, too, have been frustrated, confused, and disenchanted with the state of our Healthcare.

Notwithstanding the state of Healthcare and the enormous target politics has placed on it. I will not go into my political views, but I will share our hope here and now. While they can play with our emotions, convenience there is a better way. While they toy with our feelings and make empty promises, we must deal with today's mounds of paperwork, inaccurate billing, coding, and charging practice. Even with Electronic records and automated billing, things still go wrong.

There continue to be registration issues, coding issues, documentation, and Authorization, that all can go rye. From the start. So, this is where the Journey Begins.

My team is here for you. We will help make sense when there is confusion. When you do not understand, we can explain. We will educate and enlighten you along the way.

While that may sound simple, it isn't straightforward. I often hear people complaining about the inflated cost of Healthcare and how ridiculously high their bill at the hospital is. As a Nurse who answers patient complaints. It amazes me no matter how many times I read something like, "I had the same study done last year, and this year, my bill is so much higher." Well, many factors make that statement resonate.

While it may be true that the bill is significantly higher. The fact is, there are Insurance contracts, deductibles, non-covered benefits. And calculations of coding issues. Inpatient vs. outpatient, allowable services. And I can go on and on. You can shop around for your services, but that can be a disappointment.

Not to mention watching for in-network and out of network providers. Calling for quotes can be okay when it comes to Ct Scan or Mammogram. But surgery and other services you must keep in mind, the facility cannot give an exact quote. I could go into a lengthy rant. So, for now. Let us say the business of #Healthcare is a complex one.

A couple of years ago, while visioning starting this company. I started with wanting to produce a name. The name was important and needed to capture the vision of what we do at Think Healthcare Solutions. I was attending a meeting and while listening to a Professor of Economics David Buckner.

He made a statement that had a profound impact on forming the company name. He said, "We need to permit ourselves to THINK. "That was it…The name Think Healthcare Solutions came to be. I then set out to gather the best Auditor and Professionals I could find. Then over the next several months, we have put together a TEAM like no other. And have plans to make a difference in the future of Healthcare and the cost we pay.

We are here to serve you, the Consumer. People are busy and often have little time to look after their medical expenses. That is why we are here. Many of us come from the hospital setting and have worked with #insurance companies. We see the benefits of what we can do. Let us show you.

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Nurse for many 25+ years, Experienced Medical Bill Auditor, Life Coach. Extensive knowledge and experience with saving money on Healthcare!

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