Our Pet Family

Welcome to Our Pets Page

We at Think Healthcare Solutions are dedicated to you and your Family. And your 4Legged Friends are our Family too. We care for them, feed them love them, take them to the groomer. To the Vet when they don't feel right. Some of us have Pet insurance. And some of us don't.

For those of us that have Service Animals, most of those Pets, their care, and upkeep are tax-deductible.

We house all of your pet expenses and review Pet Medical expenses, especially if using Pet insurance. Scan your expenses to your account, and we do the rest. At the end of the year, those expenses, deductible or not, are ready for you.

We can assist you in finding the best care for your pets. We research the best Boarding and care in your area, send us a request, we do the rest.

What We Do For Your Pets

Our Pets that we love and Care for!


We will monitor Your Pet Expenses. We will review and file expenses giving you a report at the end of the year, simply scanning documents to your account..

Pet Needs

We will help with any of their needs too. We will assist in screen any providers—vet, groomers, boarding. Pet Spa's, you name it, we will find, the best place.
Let us do some of the leg work for you!

service & Support

Where they provide service or Companionship as a Service or Support animal, keep good records. You can write off all of their needs. Click on the link above. You are keeping all of your records safe and a great year-end tax report—any assistance to support you and your PET.

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