So we have been in a state of #COVID officially since March. During this time, much has happened—months of social distancing and isolation. There are loved ones in nursing homes, being protected by the virus, keeping visitors away. There have been weddings postponed, funerals held by virtual means. On top of that, we have job losses and children at home who typically go to school. 

With all of the concerns the people are facing. Businesses being closed or limited, working from home balancing work and children. Parents are dealing with schooling at home—most schools w not prepared for the transition and were quite tricky in some areas. There is so much going on in the world over the Pandemic alone. It is no wonder during this stressful time that what I read today does not surprise me.
The stresses of the Pandemic. There is a spike in and an increased risk of having "Broken Heart Syndrome." It is a form of a heart attack.
Broken Heart Syndrome brings on that sudden sense of panic with chest pressure and shortness of breath. The studies show patients are at two times the risk. This syndrome traditionally can be brought on by a sudden death in the family, a house fire, being robbed. During the Pandemic, you have all of the other factors I mentioned earlier. So, it is a very emotionally triggered response.
My intent is not to make you fearful. It merely reminds us of just how fragile we can be during this time. What I want to encourage right now is that we take Care of ourselves. While some things are out of our control, there are some things we can do.
Avoiding stress would be essential. However, that is easier said than done. Put what we can do is take some time to relax, exercise. Read a good book, take time away from the media, and watch a fun movie.

Do something to uplift your spirits if you are isolated and alone. Reach out for some form of connection with another human. Use Skype, zoom, or even a phone call.
There are so many outlets out there. For example, I am not into meditation, as a rule; however, on occasion, I value and use it for sleep relaxation, just for DE-stress as I need it.
As to exercise, there are so many options to do at home. I found a video series online that was simply freestyle dance. There are yoga and other exercise options that are for the home.

  • Turn on some music and move. 
  • Meditate
  • Avoid binge eating (this can add to your stress in the end)
  • Nice relaxing bubble bath
  • Read a good book
  • Take time to enjoy a hobby.
  • Write a Journal
  • Laugh
  • Talk to friends or family
  • If not meditation, take time to relax.
  • To mention a few ways to relax and keep the stress at bay. Find what works for you and be consistent. If nothing you have tried seems to be helping, I encourage you to seek professional help. That could be a mental health professional or even a #Life Coach. 

    They can be the first step, especially if you need someone to talk with and have no one to confide in; remember to breathe. 

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