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Equal time you say? October 29 is National Cat Day.

While every dog has, it's day. It looks like our furry, purring feline friends have their day too. 

National Cat Day was established in 2005. This day is in celebration of our feline friends. 

Domesticated cats go back 12,000 years. The cats becoming domestic friends of the home front did not happen overnight. It dates back to the Middle East- Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. 

National Geographic found DNA to suggest the cats lived for thousands of years alongside the humans. During the years, their genes have transformed very little over the years, aside from the spots and stripes of the tabby cat.

The University of Rome also found that the ancient sailors would bring cats along to protect their food against rodents. Thus the way cats spread across the world.

That's a great thing. We are happy that like the dogs, who get credit for being lovable and man's best friend. Cat's are very good at gauging our human moods and emotions. They also are heroic for giving up their natural cravings and learning to live with their humans.

So take a moment to appreciate all the love that our cats bring. 

Dateline Cats

  • 4000 BC Cats Worshipped By Egyptians
  • 500 BC Cats Revered by the Song Dynasty (cat becomes a popular pet of the rich
  • 100 AD Egyptian traders introduce cats to Greece and Rome

More Cat Facts

  1. 44% of people own at least one cat.
  2. 46% of those who own cats, tell them "I love you."
  3. 25% stated that their cat is their best friend.

Are you a Cat or Dog Person?

  • 5.1% "I don't like animals."
  • 34.9% "I love dogs and cats equally."
  • 14.2% "I'm a cat person."
  • 45.8% "I am a dog person."

Dog's and cats are not the only animals that have their day.

  • Canada - National Cat Day August 8 Canadians raise public awareness of cat adoption.
  • Australia - Kangaroo Awareness Day October 24 Raising awareness of the dwindling kangaroo population in that country.
  • UK - National Badger Day October 6 Ensuring that the native badger population stays stable in their country.

The main purpose behind National Cat Day is to raise awareness of the rescue and care of our feline friends. 

Here are some thoughtful activities to do in honor of National Cat Day.

Adopt a Cat - if you can't do that, then

Donate to a shelter

Volunteer at a local shelter

Cats are easy to maintain

Cats are so chatty

Check out the schnoz

Cats nose is like our human fingerprint. Cats are special.

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