Every Dog Has His Day

Jennifer Trent // August 26 // 0 Comments

Every Dog Has Its Day

Every dog has its day. Have you heard this saying?
Well, today is a day for dogs! It’s National Dog Day!
Every dog has his day is a saying that is over 450 years old. Shakespeare used it in Hamlet, as have many other authors and speakers down through the years. Every dog has his day can mean everyone will have a chance for revenge if they have been wronged or get a chance or will be successful at some period in their lives.
I prefer the latter meaning; everyone will have a chance, success will come, patience will pay off. Be positive and know the future is bright!!
Whichever meaning you prefer, celebrate National Dog Day today with your favorite dog.
· Take your pal for a walk.
· How about an extra treat?
· Who doesn’t love a scratch behind the ear?
· Just spending any amount of time with your dog is what they love the most.
So enjoy your best friend today…your dog.

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