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“Grandpa, tell me about the good old days….” A song by the country duo The Judds tells of reminiscing about past times. Of times “long ago.”

Right now, amid a #pandemic, we’re nostalgic about a lot. Some of our nostalgia is about recent things we have given up, eating out, visiting with friends, shopping. We’re also nostalgic about our #healthcare.

When our family doctor was, well, family, the general practitioner we knew, knew us, our family, our history.

In a recent article in The Epoch Times titled “Slow Medicine Saves Money, Improves Care,” author Conan Miller. It takes on what is called the industrial approach to medicine in the U. S. Miller writes, “In the pursuit of efficiency and profit, some #primary care doctors working in #hospitals are expected to see a different patient every 11 minutes.”

This disturbing trend started with #HMO‘s, #insurance companies, and other private organizations in the 1970s. 

I urge you to take a look at this article at

When a family member or we are sick, we want compassionate care from

someone we can trust to hear our concerns and evaluate our symptoms. We will take time for you!

It has been my experience as a nurse that most practitioners want this too. They are caring individuals that have taken years of training and want to help those in need. 

 Our mission at #Think Healthcare is to help you navigate the #healthcare system. We will take the time and effort to help you understand your billing, provide health #coaching and other services to help you in the confusing world of #healthcare. Contact us today. 

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