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Jennifer Trent // September 12 // 0 Comments

Hello there! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was great, filled with family time, plenty to eat, and a day to set aside the cares of the world.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, only a meal, visit with family and friends, then it’s done. In my opinion, we need a day like this every 3 – 4 months. Just a day to reflect, no big meal, order take out and relax.

Especially now, with so much on our collective minds having something to look forward to is essential. Nothing significant to stress, finances, or nerves, just a day for fun. A particular movie, family game night, a picnic, etc. 

It’s also essential to have someone talk to us about our stresses, whether friends, family members, or professionals.

This year of COVID-19 has been (I’m not going to say unprecedented) an unusual year. Back in March, we thought the virus would be over by now, at least I did. How wrong I was, or maybe it was wishful thinking. Anyway, here we are nine months later with no end in sight. Folks being out of work, the holidays, paying bills, unemployment benefits running out, etc. 

At Think Healthcare Solutions and Healthitude Academy, we can’t help you with ALL you are struggling with right now. But we can help you and your family with your healthcare expense review questions, including medical bills, life coaching, and help to find providers. 

Go to our website https://www.thinkhealthitudeacademy.com 

let Think Healthitude Academy help you. 

Next week, on the horizon, a vaccine!

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