National What? Day?

Jennifer Trent // September 12 // 0 Comments

Americans love holidays, even minor holidays. There is even a calendar of National Days, minor holidays that we may not celebrate by taking off work, but we can observe on our own or with family and friends.

Right now, celebrating anything is fun. Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control(CDC), and other healthcare organizations report increased stress and depression in America during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Coping can include staying positive, relaxing, and recharging with a funny movie you enjoy, spending time with family and friends, etc. And check out the National Days calendar every week and find a fun day you can enjoy. 

For example, today is National College Colors Day. 

Don’t worry; it’s inexpensive (I know you have an old t-shirt you could wear), you can share your spirit with other people, put a scarf in your school colors on your dog and go for a walk if you have a school banner fly it at home, the idea is to have some fun with these days! 

So let me start, University of Kentucky Wildcats blue! Big Blue Nation!

C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!!

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