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Debbie Reid // September 12 // 0 Comments

Success In Dieting! What a Trip To The Grocery Store Can Teach US!

I ventured out to the Grocery Store today and was at the register checking out. 

The clerk asked me if I wanted the coupon, the receipt generated. “it’s #Keto friendly” coupon. My response was that “#Keto-friendly was a loose term.” 

We chatted a few moments, and then I left as I was gathering my cart and leaving. 

The person behind me commented that she was on THAT diet for about nine months and didn’t get the results. 

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Of course many thoughts ran through my mind about her comment. Was she really committed to changing the way she was eating. So many times we say ready set go DIET. We may do okay at our mealtime. But we may still be snacking not even realizing what we are doing.  So when there is no result we fail.  

For the best results on let's say the Keto Diet. It is to be fully dedicated to the tough regimen and the least amount of carbs possible. And also for some the results may take longer to show. 

Getting on a scale everyday can sometimes be very discouraging and can make it hard to stay focused an the goal. Understandably, without support and motivation, and can cause you to give up!

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