The Season-Of Reflection!



The Season-Of Reflection!

December 13th is not a date of significance; however, this year, it does have meaning. It is a day leading up to our colleagues’ gathering for a Holiday Feast and celebration. And the loss of my father.

I have written about Dad before, but one can’t ignore this time of year as the day approaches. Thanksgiving and the Holidays are different this year for many of us. We all have joyous memories, and there are sometimes sad memories that are reminders of the past.

 Reflecting over the years, and how time is not always kind—thinking about the crazy Christmas, as a child spending what seemed like hours looking out the window, watching for Santa Claus. The late nights of wrapping presents.

 I still remember three generations in the kitchen and trying to write down a receipt as Great Grandma made her yummy Sage Dressing. My Aunt loved Christmas like a kid. Every year we watch Christmas Vacation, small pieces of Christmases past come to life. It leaves you with a reminiscent smile.

There are the Holidays filled with Family. And then the years are traveling and being away from the Family, remembering our children’s first Christmas. Christmas at grandma’s house. The anticipation of Christmas morning. 

I am sure that we all have traditions and memories. Each year rolls around, and we enjoy our favorite holiday movies—shopping, planning, and prepping. This year will, I am sure, be a bit less festive. 

The house will not be as full of Family and friends. However, it does not change those close to us. Perhaps we take this year to blaze new traditions. Find creative ways to find ways to spend this year while we may need to be apart. 

This time of year is one of reflection. May you make the most of this Holiday season. Make unforgettable memories, no matter our situation. 

This year is coming to a close, and you may be full of hope and joy in the new year. 

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Debbie Reid

Nurse for many 25+ years, Experienced Medical Bill Auditor, Life Coach. Extensive knowledge and experience with saving money on Healthcare!

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