Why Happiness is So Important!

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Why Happiness is So Important

Happiness is more than just feeling good. Suppose you are looking forward to Health, longevity, success, and relationships. Then it would help if you found Happiness.

Culturally, if obsessed with material success, Happiness is often discounted. However, purchases rarely will give you long-term Happiness.

Our Happiness is not just for you. Our Happiness affects and is as important to those close to us. This includes friends, family, your employer. You could also include those you come in contact with.

Happiness is defined as: "The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing, and well-being." Wikipedia

Consider these ideas:

1) Happy people are healthier. Happier people, on average, tend to get sick less. Both in frequency and severity. There is also a correlation to the visits to the hospital even being less. Being unhappy and having bad moods is also bad for your Immune System.

  • Suffering from anxiety, depression, and even schizophrenia can be significantly be lessened by being happy.                 Unhappiness increases the risk both physically and mentally.
  • Healthcare is costly. By finding OUR Happiness, we can, in turn, be saving money. 

2) Let's face it, doesn't living a longer happier life, sound better? Many studies show that the happiest people can live up to ten years longer than average. Because happy people tend to be healthier, in part living longer. Finding your Happiness not only boosts your lifespan just about better than anything else. It's free.

3) Finding Happiness will also aid in dealing with stress. Stress is managed and much less in a happy person.
Unhappy people are often consumed by stress. While Happy people are better equipped to handle stress, the effect that stress has on them is much less. Being happy makes you more capable of facing the challenges that come your way!

What Is Your Relationship With YOUR Happiness?

4) In general Happy people tend to be successful. So are Happy people Happy because they are successful or happy? Most likely a combination of both. Happy people are more often productive, have better relationships, and handle stress better. They are confirming that it is easier to be happy than unhappy.

5) Relationships run smoother and are more substantial with Happy People. Isn't it easier to be around Happy people? Happiness is easier to be around than unhappy people. Happiness gives your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers a positive boost.

  • If you think about happy people, you know. Do you notice how they tend to not only be happy but have great friendships as well as meaningful relationships? As well as being close to their families.
  • Unhappy people have challenging relationships and are often lonely. Or feel alone.

Let's Keep Going - Happiness Is Very Important

6) Being a productive and great employee is more often the Happy person moto. They also tend to get more done. Imagine how much better you would feel being Happy? Being happy will allow you to be better as you take care of your home. You are being happy versus being unhappy is excellent for your well-being. Happiness can give rise to work and may provide more opportunities for professional growth.

7) Happy people have more friends, attract others and enjoy being around others with a positive emotional state. If you want to have plans for the weekend, be happier!

8) Happiness leads people to creativity. Happy people are open to new ideas and concepts. Happy people take change much better than those who are not satisfied.

  • If you are struggling with anything, try putting yourself in a happy state first. You'll be much more likely to find the answer you need.

Should You Postpone Your Happiness?

We postpone Happiness, thinking that we will be happy after we finish school, buy a house, put money aside, and find the person of our dreams. We often add waiting until we find the perfect job. Waiting through all of these milestones is a mistake. Not working on Happiness could ultimately cause delays in much of what we are waiting for. As well as affect our well-being. Unhappiness harms yourself and everyone else in your life.

Finding YOUR Happiness is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Making it a priority is one of the best presents you can give yourself and everyone in your life.

As we wind down 2021 and prepare for the coming new year, I thought it would be good to start thinking about our Health, Wellness, and learning to Self-care. One of the first steps in that journey is finding Happiness and Joy. Join us here at Think Healthcare Solutions to find out how. Take the trip to better Health, Health choices, and your personalized journey to Health and Happiness.

While your Health and Happiness are yours, you don't have to go it alone. 

 The Team at Think Healthcare Solutions and the Healthitude Academy are here to support you and your family. The new year will bring you Joy. 

Come follow us as we roll out the new year together

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