Winter Doldrums

Jennifer Trent // September 12 // 0 Comments

Winter Doldrums.

Well, here we are, mid-January, the holidays are over, the next holiday is a month away. Unfortunately, we don't get a day off, but there's food involved! Candy, cake, and candy! 

Never fear! A reprieve during winter. This week is National Pizza Week!

My favorite pizza is the deep-dish—tons of topping and cheese, loads of cheese. 

Ready for Pizza

What's your favorite pizza? 

Chicago deep-dish, New York, Detroit. I tried looking up more pizza styles to list, but, wow! so many different types of pizza.

Pizza's are unique in that you can make them at home with your family, order at a restaurant, carry-out for a picnic, or casual dining almost anywhere. They're quick and easy. You can be creative with pizza. Don't forget breakfast or dessert pizzas!

When we eat pizza, we can watch movies(at home or a theater that serves meals), play games, and watch sports(Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for pizza sales).

All in On Pizza

Some trivia about pizza from the National Day Calendar:

  • Each day Americans eat 100 acres of pizza or 350 slices per second
  • Around the world, over 5 billion pizzas are sold each year
  • We love our thin-crust pizzas. They're the most popular type of pizza crust.
  • When do we eat pizza? Well, Saturday night is the most popular day of the week for eating pizza.

This week make your own pizza, learn pizza history, play trivia about pizza, try a different pizza than what you are used to, have pizza for breakfast(cold pizza is delicious!)

It's only one month till Valentine's Day, nine weeks until Spring. Hang in there!

Lets eat pizza

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