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Within the last month, I have lost a family friend and a very close friend to cancer and complications of diabetes, respectively. This is heartbreaking. So, to be serious for a bit this week, I want to briefly discuss the importance of cancer screening and diabetic care.

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate, colorectal, lung, and skin cancers are the cancers that most affect men. 

The most common cancers for women are breast, colorectal, endometrial, lung, cervical, skin, and ovarian cancers. 

Protecting yourself involves prevention and screening.

Prevention and screening involve education.

Reviewing the prevention and screening guidelines for each cancer is too involved for this blog, so here is the website for the American Cancer Society


There are two types: 

  • Type I – Your body does not make insulin.
  • Type II -Your body cannot use insulin properly. 

You may require insulin, or oral medications, or both. Diet is important. So is exercise. Like cancer prevention and screening, diabetes prevention and screening can save your life, extend your life, and enhance your living. American Diabetes Association is your go-to for diabetes education

For both cancer and diabetes, take time to read the guidelines and remember these tips:

  • Talk to family about their medical history because it affects you and could continue to affect them. 
  • Educate them and yourself about their medical history and the importance of keeping current on their screenings and care. 
  • Talk to your medical provider, don’t be afraid. The more input they have from you, the better they can care for you. 
  • Ask questions; patients immediately forget 40%-80% of the medical information given at any appointment. If you fail to ask a question or need clarification, write down your concerns and take them with you to your next meeting or call and talk to your provider or nurse. 
  • Remember, you are not just a patient; you are a consumer, and as a reasonable consumer, you have a right to question; remember, this is your time and money. 

On a lighter note, tomorrow, September 8th, is National Cheeseburger Day!! Treat yourself!

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