Can You Really Save On Healthcare?

Debbie Reid // September 12 // 0 Comments

How Much Can You Really Save on Healthcare!

I am sitting at my computer studying #Healthcare. I can not help but look back at history and reflect on why we are in our mess. Combine that with the #consumer; we have become. It is so complicated that no one person can say that they know all of #Healthcare‘s nuances. Many professionals have an angle on our #Healthcare state but often do not see the other processes that coincide with the whole picture.

One researcher talks about the physicians and surgeons and the delivery of services. There is a cost of #Medicine#Hospital stays. Prescribing medication, he addresses some excellent points addressing the peer review and research findings of surgical interventions and values and standards to the Art of Practicing #Medicine. In the end, it shows if #Physicians strive to do their part in cost savings maintaining stands. Then Healthcare costs improve. He talks about the frustration of the markups for healthcare costs. Which links to Contracts with Health #Insurance and #Medicare allowed charges. There are issues with industry billing practices of Air Ambulance, Ground, and much of the commercial delivery of #Healthcare. By no means am I advocating Universal Health? I like competition, and it is a good thing for #Healthcare. I have seen #Hospitals that rank at the bottom climb to the top and among the best providers. I believe that #Insurances and #Medicare have nearly taken away Physicians’ ability to practice medicine. I am not opposed to guidelines; however, there is a better way to deliver #Healthcare. Which I believe should be the next step to fixing our #Healthcare System. Not just regulation on top of regulation. Yes, it is broken, and I don’t have the time to go into every detail of fixing it. And what can be done to make #healthcare great again?

Regardless of the state of #Healthcare, this is always how we, the patient, consume our #Healthcare. What would you say if I told you that #Think Healthcare Solutions could help save you money on your healthcare needs? Would you pay attention? Would you let us be your #Coach, Care Manager, #Patient Advocate for a minimal fee?

Imagine having someone on your side. Now you may be thinking; my insurance takes care of me; they have advocates to help me. Well, that may be the case. However, they are not usually clinical and are often call center, minimally trained to address your needs. Insurance companies pay or allow charges that shouldn’t be paid, which makes you the consumer responsible for any out of pocket or deductible they deem—causing you to pay: 

Unnecessary expense. If we are on your team, we can save you money. Not to mention the reviews and checking we can do for the best provider and ways to save money.

There is so much we can do for you to save you money. Let us help if you have #Insurance#Share Plan, Uninsured. It doesn’t matter. 

Remember, we are your #Advocate, Care Manager, Adviser, #Coach, File Manager. Join us in the Think Healthcare Community. 

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Nurse for many 25+ years, Experienced Medical Bill Auditor, Life Coach. Extensive knowledge and experience with saving money on Healthcare!

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