Electrolux- National Create a Vacuum Day!

Now here is an exciting day. National Create a
Vacuum Day. No, it’s not about vacuums, well, not the house cleaning type. My first thought was, does this mean I am supposed to build a vacuum? I had flashes of blueprints and schematics. Luckily the answer is no.
According to the National Day Calendar website, A vacuum is created when the pressure inside space is lower than the pressure outside the area.
How? How do you create a vacuum? If I had discovered National Create a Vacuum Day, say, when I was in high school, the mid-1970s, I would have started with the card catalog (look it up) in the library, then searching for a book, then reading, collecting materials, etc. Thank goodness for the internet! A few keystrokes and, voila, YouTube video! Me? I won’t be creating a vacuum. I’ll leave that up to you.

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