Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Stay in turn to signs of isolation, depression, loneliness. Are you keeping your lines of communication open?

“Spending Time With the #Family Beyond COVID-19.”

So there is no place we can turn to that doesn’t mention COVID-19. However, here we are in light of the last several weeks and where most of us are. We are at home with the family. For some, we have taken spending time with the family for granted. We have had busy lives—Work, school, church, football, baseball, and meetings, to name a few.

Today, thrown into the clutches of our #Family and being forced to self-quarantine has brought a whole new meaning to time with the family. Which, of course, has its share of challenges. In our household of 3, we all work from home so, that part is not new. But I can tell you that it does still impact us. 

For example, I usually work at my desk during the day and then run errands in the evening. Well, the other day, I got done and was going to go to the store. (I haven’t been out in 2 weeks) I ran out of time and didn’t get to the store, as they close at 6 pm.

The few times I have been out, it is a bit strange. I was driving by Costco only to see a line reminiscent of Disneyland, even though the lines are running smoothly, and the line is taking so much real estate only because of the spacing. It still looks like a very long wait. But the things we usually take for granted. May we not forget.

As trying, as it may be to be home, nothing to do, and everyone is bored beyond belief. And even for those that may not have as busy a life. It is a challenge. 

I ponder thinking about the folks dealing with homeschooling for the first time, balancing working at home while dealing with schoolwork. 

Jeff Dunham, the comedian, had a great analogy. “It is like being on a tour bus, without the tour.” Kind of like, “are we there yet.” and Ground Hog Day all rolled into one.

But in general, it is a challenge.

Stay Calm and breathe.

Eat healthily, take time to de-stress, and keep the lines of communication open. Talk to your kids, talk to your spouse. 

Remember Think Healthcare Solutions is here to support you and your family, whether Medical Bill Review or Life Coaching. We are here to assist you during these troubled times. 

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